proudly based in BW, Germany

I'm an (ongoing) "Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration" / tech-ethusiast with special interest in Web- and Android Development, always seeking for ways to improve, with perfection as intention.

You are welcome to take a look at some of my projects at x64Dash.

Unfortunately, due to personal life and accompanying financial situation, some services don't have a domain anymore, or aren't functional in general atm.

I'm actively on it to bring myself back.
updated 05/02/21

But where's the RAiN?

Always happy being able to help others for just tiny thankfulness and with ETHICS and RESPECT written BIG (in regards to people that know respect too), animals and nature in general.

I'm convinced, that anyone should treat anyone like they would like being treated, never lower to pseudo-human-beings and am SURE, that Karma exists.

Living vegetarian is something ABSOLUTELY natural, even unquestionable to me (since the human evolution went rather to devolution at the latest) but also love being different - or let's just name it: myself.

Love to those out there, having understood, that using the brain in non-ego-mode, living hand-in-hand, everyone for anyone is the ONLY way that can have a future and has the very best potential, to bring happiness to the world - including you.